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Anonymous asked: Hi, I was wondering what you consider the appropriate way for a client to interact with an escort. Should things be kept business-like at all times or is a degree of familiarity ok?



Well I think it really depends on how often the client and the escort are seeing one another. If it is my first time seeing a client, I may choose to divulge things about myself in order to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. But what myself and other ladies dislike the most is when a new client comes in and starts playing 20 questions.

Do not ask “what’s your real name?” “are you married?” “do you have kids?” “if you have real job, where do you work?” All of these questions are way too invasive for a first date. It puts us off and makes us feel as though there may be some bad intentions behind it.

However, with any relationship, if a client continues with me through the course of time, it’s only natural that things would progress to a certain level of familiarity. Escorting is a business but at it’s core, there is an undeniably human element. So business cannot be simply business. I have a client I have known for almost three years now. He knows my real first name and other things about me. Likewise, I know a lot of information about him. It’s just the natural progression of things, if you lie about all these things, it’s very difficult to continue that lie for years. So it’s the path of least resistance to just learn about one another and be comfortable.

That is not to say the main element of the business should be breached. What I mean by that is, the underlying idea is that the client is paying for the escort’s time and company. Just because one is familiar with the lady does not mean he can suddenly stop paying her, she is still providing the same things she has always provided.

So do not say “hey, there’s this new sushi place, why don’t you come with me?” and intend to never pay her for this time. Some ladies will offer extra time during dates for long time clients but to ask her to do something for free is a surefire way to get her to stop seeing you.

Also, it is not appropriate to call or text to just chat about her life. Furthermore, she should not be calling you for favors like money advances, helping with household stuff, etc. That is a clear breakdown of the client/escort business relationship.

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Sex Workers, language and slurs →


This is the same stuff I’ve said a lot in more posts than I can remember but I want to make a specific post about it since I get a lot of questions about these things and I want to add it to my resources page.

Prostitute is a Slur

Prostitute is a word that is used entirely to criminalize sex…

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This fool done went and made dinner and hotel reservations for our first date…and they’re not even in the right state/city…. 😑

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REBLOG if you have NEVER lied, exaggerated or made up ANY of your SB stories. .



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Btw…by me posting this. Says I’ve obviously NEVER made up anything or led any followers on. Just so that’s clear. Like. ..why??

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I never tell mine cause they’re hella boring.

But I’m making this money, so it’s all good.

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The product: a young woman, likely a college student or a recent graduate, who dons a designer dress so well that she makes Kate Upton look dumpy.

Her hair and makeup are flawless (she spent hours getting ready) and she glides confidently into the room on five-inch heels. She’s feminine, smart, beautiful and successful. She’s a sugar baby.

The investor: an older gentleman, usually in his 40s or 50s, who seeks company. He may or may not be married, but he’s definitely successful. He’s a businessman, likely an executive who knows what he wants — and he wants her. Hello, sugar daddy.

A mutually beneficial relationship like this one is becoming increasingly common. Young women turn to online sugar dating sites in hopes of finding a sugar daddy to help take care of pesky student loan debt, tuition, rent and more.

On top of this, many sugar daddies like to spoil their babies with expensive gifts. Sugar babies are in the business of themselves. Rich, older men are their buyers and investors.

You’re probably thinking that selling yourself as a business sounds a lot like prostitution. Well, the difference between a prostitute and a sugar baby is that the sugar baby isn’t selling sex. While sex might be included as part of her relationship, it’s not a guaranteed portion of the arrangement.

If it happens, it’s a consensual development, the way it would be in any other typical relationship. Sugar daddies aren’t paying for sex, but rather providing incentive for her to spend time with him. In essence, she’s a well-paid girlfriend.

Considering that 2014 college graduates were the most indebted grads ever, with an average $33,000 in loan debt, it seems reasonable that sugar dating has become more and more common.

But, that’s not to say these girls are acting out of desperation. Most sugar babies seem to enjoy the lifestyle sugar dating provides for them. Girls who do succeed as sugar babies have high standards.

They expect luxury because they believe their time is damn valuable. They expect to be duly compensated for the work they put into creating a highly demanded product.

Of course, the sugar life isn’t without downsides. Many girls feel they have to conceal their arrangements from friends and family, for fear of disapproval.

Nearly all sugar babies use fake names, alternate emails and phone numbers in dealings with their sugar daddies. They take careful measures to protect their identities because, on the whole, sugar babies are ambitious.

They plan to become CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, partners and producers. And, the reality of the situation is that if someday, a potential employer found out that his candidate used to be a sugar baby, she has a high chance of being eliminated. Is it right? I don’t think so. But, it’s a possibility and one that’s imminent enough to cause sugar babies to be very, very careful.

They are tough, no-nonsense women, who know what they want. The fact that being a sugar baby allows these women to spend time around successful and wealthy people is yet another incentive.

It’s not that she wants to leech onto one of them, but rather, she wants to educate herself on how to become a successful, self-sufficient person herself.

An entrepreneur is a businessperson who creates and operates a business, who takes on greater risk than the average person in hopes that it pays off. By that definition, sugar babies are unquestionably entrepreneurs.

So, let’s raise a glass to these smart, sexy, driven women. Even if we don’t want their relationships, we can all admire their ambition, their confidence and their focus on success.

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Skype Sugar Tips →


If you are in the bowl long enough you will likely have a Skype date so here are a few of my tips:

Prior to the Date

  • Make sure to set up a separate account away from your personal contacts and keep your information private
  • Although this may be business to you do not click the business…
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If fucking for money is selling your body, is fucking for free donating it?

And if so, does that mean I’m entitled to look down upon those who donate such a precious item?

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Oh no! Lol he changed his name again

This guy! 😂😂😂😂

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Roxy Ferrari photographed by Brandon Savoy

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