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The “running errands” outfit 😂❤️

I’m slowly building my juicy track suit collection for the sole purpose of bringing them back when I’m a trophy wife



The “running errands” outfit 😂❤️

I’m slowly building my juicy track suit collection for the sole purpose of bringing them back when I’m a trophy wife

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LOL, I actually got a few asks about how to maintain your appearance as an SB. Well.

  • Weekly deep conditioner.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day, every day.
  • Drink 3 cups of tea per day. (GREEN, Ginger tea)
  • Drink 4 bottles of water a day. (500mL bottle x 4 = 2 litres)
  • Weekly foot mask. (LUSH’S Volcano)

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Anonymous asked: Can you give us an example of a perfect spam message for sugar sites?



The Perfect Spam Message/Art Of Spamming.

Yes, spamming (copying and pasting to other men on different sugar sites) is an ART. Pay close attention.
Are you having trouble writing the perfect spam message?

You want to sound proper and classy as well as sweet and assertive.
The message should be about you, however, it should be about him as well. Make it sound like you wrote it just for him. Think of it as a letter.
It’s all about key words and adjectives.

Adding a bunch of adjectives may sound unrealistic but believe me when I say that this method truly works.
Adding some your favorite hobbies wouldn’t hurt.

Explain how you would like your first date to be. It’s about creativity.

Here is an EXAMPLE:
Hello and good morning. I hope all is well with you. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is _______. I must say that you have an outstanding profile and I would love to get to know you. I can sense that you and I will hit it off extremely well. Don’t you think?
I’m bubbly, fun, and have a huge personality. I love getting dolled up, just for you.

Would you like to go out to dinner with me sometime? I know this is all of a sudden, but just imagine me wearing a beautiful little black dress along with stimulating conversation over a glass of wine?

Care to know more about this exciting opportunity? Please, do not hesitate to email me. Until then, have a lovely day and I will be thinking about you. Ciao!
Then, once you feel that your spam message is up to par, it’s time to spam to as many men as possible.

If you use this example, men will know that it’s definitely a copy and paste so please be creative. If you need help doing so, message me. I’d suggest we all reblog!

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Judge me if you want; I don’t give a shit. I’m tryna get/keep my funds up.

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Don’t Give Up


Just because the POT date didn’t go well,  it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the potential to be a sugar baby. You may have to go on several POT dates just to gain the perfect sugar daddy that may suit all your dreams/wishes. 

Be confident, tell yourself that you are beautiful, stay on top of your game, strive for the best, never settle for less and be the best YOU can be. 

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Florida Ladies


I have a friend who has started a fetish company. She is looking for Florida girls interested in making a lot of money doing videos/ photoshoots involving foot fetish, selling used shoes and socks, and doing personal encounters with people wanting to tickle your feet.

This may sound strange to some of you but there are many many people who are comfortable with it!

If this is something you are totally comfortable with and are interested in trying out message me.


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Anonymous asked: i'm looking to try anal. any tips?



make sure you’ve done all the poo you can do, for obvious reasons

make sure you are all lubed up, both of you

when he’s pushing in (slowly), try and push out as if you’re doing a poo - this opens us your anus so it slides in easier

if you are a female it won’t necessarily feel pleasurable and it will just feel like you’re doing a shit but relax and just imagine how much it’s turning him on seeing his penis penetrate your tiny little anus, that will get you through it and eventually you will start to enjoy it

when you’re speaking to your partner about it, make sure he understands the importance of him NOT getting carried away at any point. if, god forbid, this does happen (e.g. you are having sex doggy style and he suddenly feels the urge to do anal and so just puts it in with no warning, or you are having anal and he starts pounding you precious little bum like a jackhammer), it will hurt you a lot - you are entitled to bite his dick and deny him access to your private parts for two weeks


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In 2014 in the Sugar Bowl... →


*You’re still calling men who have not offered you sh*t, but his word a Pot or even worse SD & word ain’t bond in a sugarship; RECEIVING the agreed upon allowance,gifts & or travel is bond.

*You’re in the North/East asking someone in the South/West what to wear on a first date or giving first…

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Did anyone ever post the full Sugar Baby Seeking Arrangement segment on Bethenny?

Something to keep in mind is half the time the random people who come on these shows are actors, NOT real people. They’re meant to be overdramatic and just serve the status quo of the show. Most good SBs wouldn’t go on a goddamn talk show and give all the details of their sugar lives and arrangements 

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